Littleton Academy Girls and Ladies

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Jumpers: Option to wear Littleton Academy Garfield Plaid, and Navy. Recommended to wear Peter Pan Blouse under Jumper. All Grades.

Skort: Option to wear Grey, black, and Navy. All Grades. 

Polo Shirts: Option to wear Navy, Black, andr Grey

Sweaters: Option to wear Cardigan, Pull-Over Sweater, and Vest. Navy and Grey. All Grades.

Jackets: Option of Navy Rain Jacket, Black Windbreaker, and Navy Windbreaker. All Grades.

Pants: Option of Navy, Black, and Grey. All Grades

Shorts: Option of Navy, Black, and Grey. All Grades. 

Shoes: All Options on website. 

Knee-Hi Socks: Option of Navy and Grey. All Grades

Belts: Option of Magnetic Belt or Leather Belt. Black. All Grades.